Industry development trend of non-dairy creamer

1. The improvement of production technology guarantees product quality

In the need to improve food safety and production efficiency, in the context of the continuous progress of industry production technology, the advanced level of various food processing equipment, testing equipment, packaging machinery and other equipment has been continuously improved, and the level of automation in production has also increased. At the same time, leading companies in the industry will deepen the application of information technology, improve the management level of all aspects of food processing and production, and strengthen the collection and analysis of production process data to ensure product quality and safety.

2. The increasing demand for non-dairy creamer provides a broad market space for industry development

In the next few years, the continuous growth of market space in areas such as milk tea, coffee, roasting and oatmeal will provide an important impetus for the development of the non-dairy creamer market. According to the forecast data of China Food News, the demand for non-dairy creamer in my country is expected to reach 768,200 tons in 2023, with a compound growth rate of over 6% from 2019 to 2023.

3. Industry concentration is further strengthened

As the non-dairy creamer industry has industry characteristics such as increasing product quality requirements, obvious economies of scale, and increasingly important technology research and development levels, as well as the impact of factors such as raw material price fluctuations, it is difficult for small companies to increase their business scale in the short term to reduce unit costs At the same time, its ability to resist risks is also weak, and its survival space in market competition will continue to be squeezed. Therefore, the production capacity of the non-dairy creamer industry will be further concentrated in the future.