How about latte?

How about lattes

Latte has a certain refreshing effect, so now many people who stay up late to work choose to drink latte to eliminate sleepiness. In fact, latte is just one of many coffee varieties. Of course, it is also named as latte because of its unique taste. So, let’s introduce in detail how to drink latte.

Latte is a kind of coffee that uses the principle of specific gravity to change layers to increase the visual effect. First of all, fructose and milk are mixed to form two distinct layers of black and white, brewing a graceful visual effect, and then adding a few milk bubbles to form a gradual layer of Pearl White, coffee brown and ivory white, giving people a warm feeling of elegance and romance.

By using the same principle, coffee can be changed infinitely. For example, coffee and fructose are mixed to increase the proportion of coffee, forming the change of coffee in the bottom and milk in the top. Or add sweat instead of milk bubble to increase color change. All kinds of changes can be combined with personal creativity, preferences and mood.

How to make a latte:

Step 1: pour Italian coffee to 1 / 4 cup and pour hot milk into 3 / 4 cup.

Step 2: pour the milk bubble on the top of the steel cup into the full cup. Lattes usually use mugs because they have more milk

Iced Latte uses fructose and milk to mix to increase the proportion of milk, so that it will not mix with light weight coffee. It will become two distinct black and white layers, forming a graceful visual effect like a cocktail. With ice, it gives people a warm feeling of elegance and romance.

When making, first pour coffee into the cup, then use a glass stick to put into the cup, along the glass rod into the sugar or honey milk. (pour slowly, like doing a chemical experiment) a nice cup of iron coffee is made.