Advantages of vegetable fat powder in food production

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is mainly made of refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein, which is widely used in food. Vegetable fat powder can improve the internal tissue of food. It is also a good companion of coffee products, which can be used for instant Cereals, cakes, biscuits, etc. The superiority of vegetable fat powder in food production is hard to ignore.

Vegetable fat powder has outstanding advantages in food production, especially in the production of ice cream and ice cream

1. Adding fat powder can reduce the amount of milk powder and reduce the production cost. For example, if the amount of milk powder is 8% in the original ice cream formula without fat powder, now we can use a part of fat powder, and set the amount of milk powder as 5% and the amount of fat powder as 3%. The price of Powdered vegetable fat is lower than that of milk powder.

2. Vegetable fat powder has the advantages of convenient transportation, easy preservation and good emulsifying performance. It can be used together with the milk powder in the mixing process.

3. The fat powder has the function of emulsifying and stabilizing, which can make the tissue of ice cream and ice cream more stable.

4. Fat powder can reduce the freezing point of ice cream and ice cream properly, and give the product good raw material deployment.

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