Analysis and Forecast of Operation Capability of Non-dairy Creamer Industry

Operational capability analysis is an important part of the corporate financial analysis system, which can reflect the company’s asset utilization efficiency and operating conditions. The good corporate operating capabilities of listed companies will enable the listed companies to closely contact each other in all aspects of the development process, exert their best functions and roles, and maximize the realization of corporate goals.

According to survey data, the global non-dairy creamer market size is 41.3 billion yuan in 2019 and is expected to reach 43.3 billion yuan in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 4.6%. In 2019, my country’s non-dairy creamer industry produced about 755,500 tons, imported about 60,200 tons, exported 223,500 tons, and the apparent consumption of the domestic non-dairy creamer industry was 592,200 tons. In 2019, the market size of my country’s non-dairy creamer industry reached 6.183 billion yuan.

The annual growth rate of my country’s non-dairy creamer industry is higher than the compound annual growth rate of the global non-dairy creamer market, and much higher than the average level of economic growth in my country. Under the encouragement of national policies and the prospect of industrial development, a number of listed companies from the non-dairy creamer industry have emerged in China. Of course, there are also foreign industry giants entering the Chinese market, and international brands dominated by Nestlé Group China Co., Ltd. occupy a certain amount of domestic market.

The rapid development of colleagues in the non-dairy creamer industry has fierce competition. At the same time, the development status of listed domestic non-dairy creamers has also changed. In the past 20 years, non-dairy creamer listed companies have successively seen profit reduction, inventory backlogs, and store closures. They have all begun to slow down their development speed and make adjustments.

China will usher in a bright future for the Olympic economy in 2022. The upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics and Hangzhou Asian Games, as well as large and small international exhibitions, will introduce safe, healthy and rich and diverse non-dairy creamers to the world for cooperation Businesses and individual consumers. In the future, manufacturers in the non-dairy creamer industry will follow a reasonable development strategy and design and produce non-trans fatty acid-free non-dairy creamer products, realizing the blueprint for the market of non-dairy creamer companies and the purpose of global marketing.

Therefore, practitioners in the non-dairy creamer industry will find out the problems in the development of this type of enterprise from the perspective of operating ability, and find the relationship between operating ability to improve the development level of the enterprise and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the enterprise, so as to improve China’s non-dairy creamer New ways of industrial development. Everyone who is interested in participating in the field of non-dairy creamer, welcome to leave a message on this site, Boduo International looks forward to helping you!