Analysis of the status of personnel in the non-dairy creamer industry

Non-dairy creamer is a powdered food ingredient made of glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, and milk powder as the main raw materials through microencapsulation, spray drying and other technical processes. According to the fat content, non-dairy creamer can be divided into high-fat non-dairy creamer, medium-fat non-dairy creamer and low-fat non-dairy creamer. It has a wide range of uses in modern food production and processing.

In addition, with the continuous innovation and improvement of food formulas and production processes, functional non-dairy creamers such as cold-melt and acid-resistant types are gradually introduced. And new raw materials such as medium chain fatty acid glycerides (MCT)! Since the absorption and metabolism in the human body are significantly faster than ordinary vegetable fat products, the use of this type of fat raw materials can expand the application of powdered fat products such as non-dairy creamer in health, medical and other fields.

Looking at the development of the domestic non-dairy creamer market, it has mainly experienced the import consumption stage, the independent production stage and the R&D innovation stage. With the further improvement of the competitiveness of domestic non-dairy creamer products, the products of domestic high-quality non-dairy creamer manufacturers have been exported to all parts of the world, and my country has become one of the important producing areas of global non-dairy creamer products.

The broad market space, good development prospects and relatively high profit margins of the domestic non-dairy creamer industry have attracted a number of new companies to enter the industry. However, new entrants face many barriers such as brand effect, production scale, customer base, marketing channels and scarcity of talents! It is difficult to straighten out all aspects of the relationship in the short term, so the current domestic non-dairy creamer market is still occupied by a large number of high-quality companies.

This article is based on the research on the non-dairy creamer industry, with the non-dairy creamer industry as the main line, simply integrates multi-level data and information resources such as industry, market, enterprise, and users, to help you better grasp the development trend of the non-dairy creamer industry Provide reference basis for industry-related practitioners.

Since the results of the analysis of the scale of personnel in the non-dairy creamer industry were relatively objective, it helped everyone to make a very wise judgment. The details are as follows:

The main employees in the non-dairy creamer industry are mainly the staff working in non-dairy creamer manufacturers, including the operators of the production plant, product packaging design and proofing personnel, marketing personnel, brand promotion personnel, management personnel and logistics personnel .

Under normal circumstances, the number of workers in non-dairy creamer production companies is about 100, and the number of domestic non-dairy creamer companies is about 400. In other words, it is conservatively estimated that the number of employees in the creamer industry is about 40,000. With the rapid development of the non-dairy creamer industry in the domestic market, the number of personnel engaged in the industry will continue to grow in the future, and the industry prospects are promising.

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