Analysis on the production situation of non-dairy creamer industry

Non-dairy creamer is a powdered food ingredient made of glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, and milk powder as the main raw materials through microencapsulation, spray drying and other technical processes.

Because it can improve the internal structure of the food, increase the flavor and taste, and can obviously improve the body, smoothness and fullness of the food and beverage taste. According to the fat content, non-dairy creamer can be divided into high-fat non-dairy creamer, medium-fat non-dairy creamer and low-fat non-dairy creamer, which are suitable for different purposes. Generally, 20%-50% fat content is commonly used when making beverages. Fat.

The main raw materials of non-dairy creamer include glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, milk powder, etc. The supply of raw materials is stable and sufficient. The supply situation and price fluctuations in the upstream industry will have a certain impact on the operation of this industry. At present, there are many production and sales companies in the upstream industry, the supply of various raw materials is sufficient, the degree of marketization is high, and price fluctuations are within the normal range. With the increasingly stringent requirements of national regulatory authorities for food safety and quality control management, and at the same time consumers pay more attention to food safety, non-dairy creamer companies are critical to the quality assurance of purchased raw materials.

According to the survey results of related data, the output of my country’s non-dairy creamer industry in 2019 was about 755,500 tons, the import volume was about 60,200 tons, the export volume was 223,500 tons, and the apparent consumption of the domestic non-dairy creamer industry was 592,200 tons. In 2019, the market size of my country’s non-dairy creamer industry reached 6.183 billion yuan.

In recent years, the capacity of my country’s non-dairy creamer market has continued to rise, and it is a very promising production industry with a good development momentum. This obvious high-growth area has become a promising investment direction for many businesses. With the introduction of the Food Safety Law, the non-dairy creamer industry has started a round of price wars.

Under such a development situation, on the one hand, many companies rush to sell products that do not meet the requirements of the regulations before the implementation of the new regulations. On the other hand, the economic slowdown has also brought about a slowdown in consumer demand growth. market. Some mainstream non-dairy creamer manufacturers are reluctant to participate in the price war, and focus on the high-end market to produce more nutritious and healthier non-dairy creamer raw materials has become the development direction of Nestlé, Super Group and other companies.

All in all, in recent years, my country’s milk tea, coffee, baked goods and oatmeal products have maintained a good development trend. Therefore, the market demand for non-dairy creamer products has also increased accordingly. In addition, in the fields of snacks, cold drinks, and health products, the demand for functional non-dairy creamers that focus on taste and nutrition is also increasing, which will become a new growth point for the non-dairy creamer industry in the future.

As a very promising high-growth investment direction, the non-dairy creamer industry should enter the market in a timely manner, improve production technology and process formulas, and adjust sales directions. Only then can the scale of production grow steadily, and the healthy cycle of upstream and downstream industries has realized the success of operators. Profit target. As a participant in the non-dairy creamer industry, everyone who is interested in cooperation, welcome to leave a message on this site!