Analysis on the sales of non-dairy creamer industry

The main raw materials of non-dairy creamer include glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil, milk powder, etc. The supply of raw materials is stable and sufficient. The supply situation and price fluctuations in the upstream industry will have a certain impact on the operation of this industry. At present, there are many production and sales companies in the upstream industry, the supply of various raw materials is sufficient, the degree of marketization is high, and price fluctuations are within the normal range.

The data shows that in 2019, the output of my country’s non-dairy creamer industry was about 755,500 tons, the import volume was about 60,200 tons, the export volume was 223,500 tons, and the apparent consumption of the domestic non-dairy creamer industry was 592,200 tons. In 2019, the market size of my country’s non-dairy creamer industry reached 6.183 billion yuan.

In recent years, my country’s non-dairy creamer market has maintained a good growth trend, and the market demand for non-dairy creamer products has also increased accordingly. In addition, in the fields of snacks, cold drinks, and health products, the demand for functional non-dairy creamers that focus on taste and nutrition is also continuously increasing, which promotes the rapid growth of the non-dairy creamer industry in the future.

From a domestic perspective, China has nearly one-fifth of the world’s population, providing a huge market space for the development of the downstream industry of non-dairy creamers. The sustained development of the national economy and the steady increase of residents’ income are the cornerstone of the long-term stable development of my country’s food and beverage industry, and also an important foundation for the sustainable development of the non-dairy creamer industry.

From a global perspective, the non-dairy creamer produced in my country has gradually opened up the global market and has become one of the important non-dairy creamer producing countries. Under the influence of favorable factors such as the global macro economy and the continuous growth of downstream demand, the export of non-dairy creamer The situation is showing a good situation, and the economic benefits of the industry are expected to continue to improve.

The downstream industries of the non-dairy creamer industry are milk tea, coffee and baking industries. With the continuous growth of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of residents’ income and consumption power, the market demand for non-dairy creamer products in milk tea, coffee, baked goods, and oatmeal foods is increasing, which is a very promising prospect. Catering sector. Everyone who is interested in wholesale service of non-dairy creamer, welcome to leave a message on this site for consultation, Boduo International looks forward to serving you!