Are soybean protein powder, yeast extract and vegetable fat powder belong to food additives?

Many people wonder whether soy protein powder, yeast extract and vegetable fat powder belong to food additives? Are all the food additives added outside the food? However, as long as the preliminary understanding of food standards and regulations, it will be found that the above are not food additives, should be food raw materials or food ingredients! These should be the main raw materials of food, in the production should belong to the category of raw materials!

For example, no amount of food mixed with food can be called additive. For example, if a red date is placed on the steamed bread, it can not be said that jujube is an additive. In the same way, it can be proved that the soybean protein used in the production of tofu can not be called food additives. There are certain food standards and specific laws and regulations, and the corresponding food appendix also makes some explanations.

Appendix F (informative appendix) food classification system table F.1
Soybean protein powder should belong to the food (including food ingredients) specified in GB 2760-2007, and the food classification number is In the production process of new soybean products, it is required to know in the appendix that 04.0 fruits, vegetables, beans, edible fungi and 04.04 bean products are processed soybean protein products, and there is a link of fat removal in the production process, so they may also be classified into 16.0 other categories of 16.07 others.

Yeast extract is yeast extract, which should belong to the food (including food ingredients) specified in GB 2760-2007. The food classification number is 16.04.01 dry yeast, which is roughly in 16.04 yeast products of other categories in 16.0.

The common name of vegetable fat powder is “cream” (plant powder is solid vegetable fat, namely vegetable oil), which belongs to the food (including food ingredients) specified in GB 2760-2007. The food classification number is: 02.05 other oils or grease products (only for vegetable fat powder), which is roughly 02.0 fat, oil and emulsified fat products.

Therefore, soybean protein powder, plant powder, yeast extract are all one kind of food, these are not additives. Therefore, to distinguish and distinguish food additives and food ingredients, refer to gb2760-2007. Basically, as long as it can be found in gb2760-2007, it should belong to food additives. If not, it belongs to food raw materials or accessories!

Food chemicals include: food additives, food processing aids, water purification agents, nutrition enhancers, food packaging materials, rubber products, gum based agents. It belongs to a part of food raw materials, strictly speaking, it should be part of food ingredients.

In GB 2760, there are descriptions of all food additives allowed to be used (allowable scope and limit). In addition, all food (including ready to eat food, semi-finished food and food ingredients, all of which belong to the wide range of food) are classified. The above are not food additives, but should be food raw materials or food ingredients.

In other words, the above ingredients are not food additives, or can be added in food according to demand. There is no definite fixed limit. The scope of use is wider. The catering processing is more extensive and the cost performance is higher. It is more popular and loved by food factories and private workshops.

In a word, if you want to distinguish between food additives and food ingredients, the main thing is to see the use. If it is to increase flavor, dry mouth, etc., and a small amount of addition can achieve the essential change, it should be an additive; but if the main or auxiliary ingredients of the product are not clearly specified in the food additive manual, it should be the raw material or auxiliary material!

Among them, vegetable fat powder products have good flavor, instant solubility and fluidity performance. As long as there are standardized models, and the corresponding ingredients and functions have been standardized to ensure that consumers can buy on demand, such vegetable fat powder is a very popular food ingredient on the market, with high quality and low price, and it can be used for coffee, cold drinks, formula milk powder, milk tea, cereal and so on Baking products and other products production, the market is broad, bright prospects!