How to make instant coffee, which coffee cream is healthy

Have you ever experienced roasted coffee, smelling the strong aroma of coffee from raw beans, grinding, hand washing, and finally becoming a cup of coffee full of fresh taste? Do you want to taste the mellow aroma of high-grade coffee beans from different regions?

Coffee, with the effect of increasing the concentration of fatty acids in the blood. Once the concentration of fatty acids in the blood increases, fatty acids are absorbed by muscles and consumed in a way that is converted into body energy. That is to say, drinking coffee can promote the long-standing fat decomposition in the body.

Obese people lose 5% of their weight, which reduces the incidence rate of diabetes by 70%. Count your daily intake and see how much less you should eat.

First of all, as a barista, I can’t accept the flavor or quality defects of my coffee. I will try to make every cup consistent and match the flavor I want. I think improper extraction is an insult to beans! Quality control plays an important role in store operation.

According to the medical scholars in clinical experiments found that most of the patients with diabetes are caused by heredity. If there are diabetic patients in the general immediate family members, the probability of diabetes in the family will be much higher than that of ordinary people.

It seems that everyone knows that not having breakfast is bad for health, but for office workers, it may not be easy to eat breakfast every day. This seems to be an easy part to skip in the busy and rush morning. But eating breakfast can effectively stimulate your energy, so that you don’t feel drowsy.

Why should I praise you here? Because the 26 grid scale of commander C40 also uses this metal filter cup. After making coffee, there will be fine powder on the surface. Of course, I also said that there will be more ultra-fine powder after grinding the sun dried beans, because the hardness of coffee beans is lower and it is easier to produce fine powder

Caffeine, also known as a xanthine alkaloid, is found in coffee, cocoa seeds and tea. Different from caffeine contained in coffee, caffeine in tea is the unique tea tannin and its oxidation complex, which makes the excitation effect of tea caffeine slow and continuous, and the effect of refreshing, eliminating fatigue and driving away drowsiness lasts for a long time.

Different sources of coffee are the key factors that cause the flavor difference of finished coffee. According to world R & amp; D news, Arabica coffee usually has a pleasant sour taste and delicate nuances compared with robusta, with a higher lipid ratio and a better taste. Robusta – one third of the world’s coffee is bitter and “high” because it’s twice as much as Arabica.