The true content of trans fatty acids should be indicated

Are these foods labeled “0” trans fat reliable? Are there trans fatty acids in non fried foods?

The Ministry of health has previously stipulated a zero limit for trans fatty acids in the general principles for nutrition labeling of prepackaged foods: if the content of trans fatty acids in 100 grams of products is less than or equal to 0.3 grams, the trans fatty acids can be marked as “0”.

The reporter bought three kinds of common puffed food from supermarkets, including potato chips, hamburger balls, and wheat flavored chicken flavor blocks. The experiment was carried out by the laboratory of material science and Engineering College of Beijing Institute of fashion. The results showed that the actual content of three kinds of puffed food, whether fried or not, and whether marked with “0” trans fat, exceeded the 0.3g/100g zero limit.

Gong Fu, an associate professor at the school of materials science and engineering, Beijing Institute of fashion, pointed out that if the zero limit is exceeded, the true content of trans fatty acids should be indicated. Otherwise, it will not meet the food safety standards, and it is more likely to mislead and deceive consumers.