Best choice of milk free coffee milk

For vegetarians, a good morning starts with a cup of pure white coffee without pure milk. But it’s hard to find the right milk substitutes, such as hemp, oats, soybeans and almond milk, which are not ideal. They all have more or less disadvantages, in order to find a more suitable coffee cream substitute, we have the following thinking.

Through continuous market research and brand research, we have analyzed and tested a variety of non dairy coffee creamers, helping us to find the best pure vegetarian and milk free coffee cream substitutes. There are many kinds of conventional milk substitutes, each has its own advantages and disadvantages. On the one hand, some can dilute the mellow flavor of the coffee, some can enhance the refreshing effect, and some can make the coffee taste like cream texture. For example, no milk almond cream immersed in hot drinks, increased texture and smoothness, mellow taste, also more popular.

On the other hand, almond milk, soybean milk, coconut milk beverage or whole coconut milk are used to replace milk in coffee, which is often separated in hot liquid, and the taste is not as good as commercial milk essence. For example, although pure coconut milk is rich in nutrients, as a substitute for “coffee milk”, it will only make coffee greasy, and the taste and effect are not better, so it is not suitable for milk substitute.

Of course, because everyone likes different coffee creamers, so we have different standards for the taste of coffee. In order to better help you find your favorite milk substitute, you can find a professional milk tea raw material supplier to buy different types of coffee special fat powder, to meet your different taste and consistency of milk free coffee cream demand.

Well, the original intention of vegetarians is to find a suitable substitute for coffee and milk powder, and the first thing to do is to ensure the safety of their food. For milk sensitive people, coffee creamers containing casein / caseinate are not acceptable. The weight of milk contained in food accounts for less than 0.5%, which is non dairy products. Therefore, it is necessary to distinguish non dairy coffee cream and non dairy coffee cream.

As a professional raw material supplier of milk tea, Boduo international has developed various types of milk essence ingredients for coffee, so that customers can choose from them. In addition, Boduo international also supplies tea, jam, fruit juice, pearl powder and other raw materials of milk tea, which are of high quality, low price and good service. Please leave a message for details!