Best Non Dairy Creamer for Coffee

Tired of drinking coffee with almond milk instead of milk every day? Why choose non coffee cream? Due to health and environmental and moral concerns, lactose intolerant, milk allergy and vegetarians have abandoned dairy products and replaced with non milk fat milk powder. So, what are good milk substitutes? Don’t worry, the best non dairy creamers will be presented below.

Non dairy vs non dairy

If you’re going to stop using whole milk creamer, you’ll come across two different terms, “non Dairy” and “non dairy.”. Although they sound similar, there is a very important difference between them. Technically, creamers labeled “non Dairy” are usually not dairy free. They only need to contain less than 0.5% milk by weight. This means that they may still contain some dairy ingredients, such as casein, whey and lactose.
If you are lactose intolerant, a small amount will not disturb you. However, if you have a more serious reason not to use any type of dairy, then “non Dairy” will not be cut. Coffee creamers, on the other hand, do not contain dairy products at all. If you are a vegetarian or have a serious allergy to dairy products, these products will be more suitable.

Non dairy creamer vs milk substitutes

Why can’t you simply pour in ordinary non dairy milk? Most milk substitutes react poorly with hot coffee due to the heat or acidity of the brew. For example, almond milk added to coffee, there will be condensation, poor taste, naturally abandoned by the market.

With the development of milk substitute production technology, more and more non dairy creamers are selected. To help you find the best milk substitute, try to make the perfect non dairy or non dairy creamer at home, or look for reliable non dairy creamer manufacturers. Boduo international offers non dairy creamers for coffee, which are very popular, affordable and well served. Please leave a message for details!