What’s the difference between pearl milk tea and Boba milk tea

Strolling on the street, even if you don’t have good friends, you must go with milk tea in Lujiao lane. It’s the same in the cinema. Milk tea and popcorn are not good. Lujiaoxiang milk tea, as the net black milk tea in the industry, has many people who like to drink it. Boba milk tea is the signboard of lujiaoxiang. Then, what is the difference between lujiaoxiang pearl milk tea and Boba milk tea? Let’s learn about it.

What is the difference between lujiaoxiang pearl milk tea and Boba milk tea?

The differences between Boba milk tea and pearl milk tea are as follows

1. Boba is a big pearl, pearl milk tea is the ordinary kind of small pearl.

2. Pearls are small bubbles, while bobbies are big bubbles.

As a popular drink of little milk tea, many people will buy it every day. You can choose small pearl or big Pearl according to your preference, or you can add both. In the survey, many people always prefer Boba milk tea.

Now we all know the difference between lujiaoxiang pearl milk tea and Boba milk tea. There are many delicious drinks in the store with affordable prices. Next, we will recommend some popular drinks to let you order without stepping on thunder.

1. Coco Ballet

Although the name of cocoa ballet is not very loud, Xiaobian is sure to tell you that it is a popular product in the store, and its cost performance is very high. It uses chocolate powder imported from France, so the taste of cocoa ballet is smooth, and the taste with some ice will be more unique.

2. Black tea latte

You can’t accept that milk tea is sweet and greasy. You can drink black tea latte. You always choose pure black tea. You can not only taste astringent, but also have a strong aroma of tea.

3. Black tea Macchiato

Many people like to drink coffee, but they can’t stand the bitter taste. So, it’s right to order this black tea Macchiato. Many office workers and student party members like to drink black tea Macchiato. They blend fresh milk oil into a thick milk cap, and the bottom is thick black tea. Black tea Macchiato will have sweet milk flavor and pure black tea flavor. It’s really a good choice.

Lujiaoxiang pearl milk tea and Boba milk tea what is the difference here for you to introduce here, love to drink milk tea friends quickly to punch it, there is always a suitable for you.