What’s the bad taste of Starbucks coffee and instant coffee

Espresso is a fancy coffee based on espresso. We can think that espresso must be made by machine, and the coffee needs to be extracted by pressurized hot water. There is a beautiful layer of grease floating on the espresso.

Typical espresso includes lattes, mocha, cappuccino and so on. Americano in Italian coffee shop is also a fancy coffee made with espresso + water.

Common coffee chains such as Starbucks, Costa and Pacific are basically Italian coffee shops.

This kind of coffee with flower is naturally fancy coffee.

The foundation of fancy coffee is espresso. Whether a fancy coffee is good or not depends on this cup of espresso.

Of course, there are French coffee, Turkish coffee and so on, but the characteristics are not very distinct, so we introduce them together in the above two categories.

How about coffee? What is the taste of coffee?

Coffee is not the kind of drink that can catch people’s taste buds at once. However, foods like soybean juice and shrimp sauce are not attractive at first sight, but people who are used to them will feel reluctant to stop.

Therefore, the taste of coffee is also widely loved.

I think most Chinese people start with instant coffee, and their initial cognition of coffee taste starts from Nestle 1 + 2, which inevitably leads to some deviation.

In fact, as an industrial product, instant coffee is simplified to powder brewing, which can’t help but lose a lot of flavor. The main flavor can only be retained. In addition, with 1 + 2 strong flavors of milk essence and sugar, the coffee taste is probably only bitter and a little sour.

Coffee is actually a drink with complex flavor. We often see that the description of coffee beans describes many flavor types, such as nut flavor or fruit flavor. These are the flavor contained in coffee.

We must extract them through reasonable means, and then slowly taste their keynote before adjusting. This is just like perfume, which is also the attraction of coffee.

Different coffee beans before the taste is also very different, there are rich, fresh, bitter, sour and sweet, this is a colorful world.

Our hand-made coffee usually uses single coffee beans, hand wash, siphon and other production methods. In principle, we all pursue to retain the original taste and feel the rich flavor;

Espresso usually uses a variety of coffee beans to mix and obtain a mellow taste through high pressure. A cup of high-level espresso can really make people like it at a sip;

Instant coffee only gives us an incomplete experience of one (or several) coffee beans, and we still have a long way to go from here.

Whether you like the taste of coffee or not, and which kind of coffee you like, all depend on the actual experience.

Last but not least, I think sugar has a very serious effect on the taste of coffee. I suggest that all coffee drinkers try the taste without sugar. Maybe you will find that you like coffee very much.