Can milk tea evaporated milk replace non-dairy creamer?

With the deepening understanding of the production of milk tea and the cost of milk tea, more and more people begin to pay attention to the application of vegetable fat powder in milk tea industry. Some investors agree with the application of vegetable fat powder milk tea and think it is better to drink it. Some investors think that the milk tea with vegetable fat powder is not healthy and want to try to replace the vegetable fat powder with light milk.

Why use light milk instead of fat powder? This idea does not suddenly appear, more and more consumers question the health of Zhizhi powder milk tea, so we can have a certain understanding of vegetable fat powder products.

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is a new product with refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as the main raw materials. The product plays a special role in food production and processing, and is also a kind of modern food.
Vegetable fat powder can improve the internal organization of food, increase aroma and fat, make the taste delicate and thick, so it is also a good partner of coffee products, can be used in instant Cereals, cakes, biscuits, etc., to make cake organization delicate and improve elasticity; biscuits can improve the crispness, not easy to oil.

It has good instant solubility, flavors and flavors are similar to “milk”, and can replace milk powder or reduce milk consumption in food processing, so that the production cost can be reduced on the premise of keeping the product quality stable.

However, due to the trans fatty acids contained in the products of vegetable fat powder, which have certain impact on human health, some milk tea shop operators consider whether making milk tea with light milk can replace the vegetable fat powder? In fact, the light milk is used for milk tea, and the mouth is fresh after drinking, but some condensed milk or flavor syrup is added to improve the taste, which is contrary to the original intention of healthy milk tea. Not only the cost is high, but also the taste has changed. Maybe it is more convenient to make milk tea with vegetable fat powder.

For the sake of health, as long as the amount of milk tea with vegetable fat powder is drunk, there is no health problem. If you can accept the light milk tea on the taste, it is also feasible. Therefore, whether to replace the vegetable fat powder with light milk, you can choose the suitable milk tea production method from the actual situation!