Can non-dairy creamer make yogurt?

1. Buy skimmed milk powder, afraid it is the end product of vegetable fat: can skimmed milk powder contain vegetable fat powder?

No, the function of vegetable fat powder is to replace the traditional high cost milk fat, and produce the taste and flavor similar to milk fat in dairy products and other processed products at lower cost. First of all, the feature of skimmed milk powder is that it does not contain fat, and the target customers are also consumers who do not want to eat fat, so there is no incentive to spend the cost of removing the natural milk fat in the milk powder and then adding vegetable fat powder. Moreover, skimmed milk powder and whole milk powder are very different in taste. As soon as you drink it, it is unnecessary for manufacturers to take this risk, and it is hard to please them.

2. What is the difference between vegetable fat powder and milk powder?

The simplest way is to look at the ingredient list. If there is one, if not, it will not be. However, I have not seen the milk powder with vegetable fat powder in the past. In fact, China’s food safety has been very good, three no small workshops are basically extinct, if you really don’t worry, try to pick a big brand to buy, no problem. Such as Anjia, Deya and so on.

3. Can vegetable fat powder be made into yoghurt?

Maybe.The main principle of making yoghurt is that casein in milk will polymerize and precipitate under the action of lactic acid produced by lactic acid bacteria fermentation. Fat composition is not very important to the processing and production of yogurt, but more is to affect the taste and flavor of the finished product.

According to a list of ingredients of plant fat powder products, you can see that the vegetable fat powder products can be bought on the market. In addition to the fat powder, casein and sugar are also added. For example, about 2% of casein and 56% of glucose are added to the above-mentioned plant fat powder product. Therefore, there are some sugars, which are the main nutrients for lactic acid bacteria fermentation. Casein is the main component of yoghurt There are.

Therefore, it is reasonable to estimate that the product of vegetable fat powder can also make something similar to yoghurt, but because the content of casein is relatively low (the protein content of milk powder is more than 15%, only 2% here), so this experience is very thin, and the sugar content is very high, so it will be very sweet. The final product should be close to the sweet cream with the taste of yogurt. Of course, this is only an estimation. The actual situation will be known only through specific experiments, but it should not be too much.