Changes in market demand for non-dairy creamer (2)

2. Coffee market size and changes

When non-dairy creamer was first invented, it was used as a coffee ingredient. Because non-dairy creamer has the effect of making coffee more mellow and smooth, coffee drinks with non-dairy creamer often have good color and fragrance. Therefore, non-dairy creamer has been widely used for many years. In the field of instant coffee.

Because of its portability, easy storage, quick brewing and drinking, and high cost performance, instant coffee has been increasing in consumption and its proportion in coffee consumption in recent years, and has become an important part of coffee products.

In the future, with the continuous improvement of the taste of instant coffee and the continuous introduction of premium instant coffee, instant coffee will face a broader market space and will further drive the continuous expansion of domestic non-dairy creamer market demand.

3. Development of the baking market

The main types of baked goods include bread, cakes, biscuits and other foods. Since non-dairy creamer for baking can improve the processing performance of the dough, improve the flexibility, make the baked food more crispy and taste more delicate, so non-dairy creamer is also used in the field of baked goods. Wide range of applications.

With the rapid growth of my country’s economy, the continuous upgrading of household consumption and the gradual acceptance of baked goods by consumers, China’s baking market has made considerable progress. my country’s baked goods market has a high room for improvement in the future, which will drive the continuous increase in market demand for non-dairy creamers for baking.