Changes in market demand for non-dairy creamer (1)

With the continuous growth of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of residents’ income and consumption power, the market demand for non-dairy creamer products in many non-dairy creamer applications such as milk tea, coffee, baked goods, and oatmeal foods is constantly increasing.

1. Milk tea market

Non-dairy creamer has good water solubility, can form a uniform and stable emulsion in water, and can significantly improve its taste and fragrance when used in the production of milk tea beverages. In recent years, as the income level of domestic residents has increased, the leisure consumption beverage industry such as milk tea has gradually emerged. At the same time, milk tea products themselves are constantly innovating and improving, which has driven the development of milk tea consumption habits and the growth of consumer groups. The scale of the milk tea industry has also increased. Therefore, the continuous expansion has promoted the rapid growth of the demand for non-dairy creamer for milk tea. In recent years, the milk tea market has become one of the main application markets for non-dairy creamer.

From the classification of product forms, the current milk tea market mainly includes solid milk tea, liquid milk tea and fresh milk tea. Solid milk tea and liquid milk tea can be produced on a large scale in factories. Through more than ten years of development, a relatively stable market scale has been formed. In recent years, with the consumption trend of new tea drinks and the Internet celebrity economy, chain stores Freshly blended milk tea products in other forms are sought after by consumers, and the current blended milk tea market has achieved rapid development.

The rise of Internet social networking and online food delivery has greatly improved the convenience of drinking milk tea and the customer base, and has promoted the consumption of milk tea to become a leisure and social lifestyle.

With the gradual deepening of consumption upgrades, the ready-made beverage industry will have huge market development space in second- and third-tier cities in the future. In the context of the continuous growth of consumer demand for fresh milk tea, the consumption of non-dairy creamer in the field of fresh milk tea is expected to continue to grow.

In summary, milk tea products have become a new growth point in the development of the domestic beverage industry, which will effectively drive the development of the milk tea non-dairy creamer market.