Characteristics and application range of vegetable fat

Scope of application
Beverages: coffee drinks, milk drinks, instant milk powder, baby drinks, ice cream, etc.
Food: instant cereal, instant noodle soup, instant food, bread, biscuit, sauce, chocolate, rice flour cream, etc.

Product features
High quality vegetable oil and casein are used in milk powder, coffee, oatmeal, seasoning and related products. Although it can improve the taste of food, it contains some harmful substances.

It can be used to replace milk powder or reduce milk consumption in food processing, so as to reduce the production cost while maintaining the stability of product quality.

human health
Recent studies have shown that hydrogenation of vegetable oil is actually the process of transforming unsaturated fatty acid of vegetable oil into saturated or semi saturated state. Trans fatty acid will be produced in this process, which can increase the low-density lipoprotein in human blood, reduce the high-density lipoprotein, induce vascular sclerosis, and increase the risk of heart disease and cerebrovascular accident.

Recently, when revising the composition of food pyramid in the United States, it has been clearly pointed out that attention should be paid to trans fatty acids, and manufacturers are required to indicate the content of trans fatty acids in products.

For this reason, oil manufacturers have also developed new hydrogenation technology. Trans fatty acids will not be produced in the hydrogenation process, and have been used in some products to replace the original fat powder containing trans fatty acids. The World Health Organization and European and American countries have made suggestions and regulations on the safe upper limit of daily intake (2G) and the proportion of trans fatty acids in food (1%).