China’s first batch of non-dairy creamer was successfully exported to Saudi Arabia

Non-dairy creamer is a very popular processing material in the catering industry. As long as it is a batch of products with good quality and reasonable price, the order can be quickly obtained. Recently, China’s first batch of non-dairy creamer was successfully exported to Saudi Arabia, indicating that domestic non-dairy creamer products have reached international standards and are very competitive raw materials.

This time, a certain non-dairy creamer supplier signed a batch of non-dairy creamer export contracts with Saudi Arabia. This is the first export of non-dairy creamer in China. The order is urgent, time is tight, the requirements are high, and the demand is high. It is a very rare export order.

After the inspection and quarantine bureau understands the situation, it organizes relevant personnel to work overtime to complete the acceptance inspection, on-site inspection and laboratory inspection in the shortest time, and promptly remind the enterprise to change the self-care inspection registration information, and handle the export voucher as quickly as possible. Enable the smooth export of enterprise goods on time.

With the increasing demand for non-dairy creamer products in the international market, the number of companies that have obtained registered non-dairy creamer exports has gradually increased, and they have begun to devote themselves to the development and promotion of new casein products. In the current situation of good prospects at home and abroad, Boduo International, as a leader in the milk tea raw material market, seizes the opportunity to improve workshop production standards and sanitary conditions to meet the sanitary conditions of exported halal food, and is equipped with advanced production equipment in the same industry in China. , Established a complete quality assurance system.

Boduo International’s popular products are currently in production, with an annual production scale of 30,000 tons, laying a solid foundation for market development. Boduo International has broad prospects and is sold at home and abroad. It is a favored partner of international milk tea raw material wholesalers. Anyone who is interested in cooperating with Boduo International, welcome to leave a message on this site for consultation!