China’s non-dairy creamer raw material exports hit a record high

From January to September 2020, 512 batches of non-dairy creamer raw materials were exported from Jiangsu, China, with a value of 70.44 million U.S. dollars. Compared with the same period last year, batches and value increased by 35.81% and 37.44% respectively. They were mainly exported to Southeast Asian countries, and the export breakthrough 70 million US dollars, a record high.

The non-dairy creamer raw material company in Jiangsu, China started with the establishment of the first spray drying line. Before long, the company can produce 200 million cups of coffee every day, and the annual sales revenue is expected to reach 2 billion yuan. In such a severe global epidemic situation, Chinese companies that can still resume work and production can maintain such a large export volume mainly because their products are safe and hygienic, and their quality is guaranteed.

In recent years, a large number of food companies in China have seen the huge potential of the milk tea raw material industry and have actively invested a lot of money to expand laboratory construction and enhance product self-inspection and self-control capabilities in order to produce non-dairy creamer products that are satisfied by global buyers. In addition, these companies are not satisfied with their current achievements and actively expand into new markets and develop new products. Their product quality and R&D team are far ahead in the industry and have repeatedly won international awards. For example, Boduo International, which has always made products steadily, is a good example.

This year, the Domestic Inspection and Quarantine Bureau innovated a new model of export inspection and supervision, and tried out the “Export Food Supervision and Sampling Inspection Work Plan”, and formulated different sampling inspection plans for different types of enterprises, products with different risk levels and testing items, and finally formed a variety of enterprises A random inspection plan is to speed up customs clearance on the basis of effective supervision, so as to better serve the rapid development of local foreign trade economy and promote the facilitation of export trade.

This innovation in the inspection and supervision model has played a positive and critical role in boosting Boduo International’s export volume of non-dairy creamers. China’s export of non-dairy creamer raw materials has reached a new high, and the non-dairy creamer raw materials supplied by Boduo International are just as outstanding. Under the environment of active development in the country, Boduo International has improved its production formula, improved its production process, and ensured product quality. It is a trustworthy international milk tea raw material supplier. Customers interested in cooperating with Boduo International are welcome to leave a message on this site for consultation!