Hazards of coffee partners

Many people like to add coffee partner when they drink a lot of coffee. It can really improve the taste. However, we should master what kind of substances coffee partner is. First, it contains glucose syrup. It also has certain preservative problems, such as thickener, demulsifier and anti caking agent. This kind of preservative is not good for the body. Put it together with freshly ground coffee After that, it is very easy to cause trans fat, which can cause certain harm to human body.

Coffee partner’s harm

1. The key effect is to improve the taste. The main ingredient of “coffee companion” (also known as “milk tea powder”) is vegetable fat powder, which is a general term of vegetable fat powder. This product has a variety of types, different functions, and is widely used. Its production history dates back to 50 years of the 20th century. Now it has been widely used in cake baking food seasoning, cold food seasoning and sugar block seasoning And prebiotic seasoning. The key effect of applying plant fat powder (milk tea powder) as coffee partner in freshly ground coffee is to improve the taste, show nutritional balance and give the product “milk feeling”.

2. What is it

The condiment says: the first ingredient is “glucose syrup”, which is a compound that has a slight sweet taste after starch hydrolysis and can make the aqueous solution thick. The second component is “hydrogenated vegetable oil”, which is a kind of semi-solid vegetable oil produced from soybean oil or edible oil by human catalytic reaction and hydrocracking. The third ingredient is sodium caseinate, followed by three types of food preservatives: thickener, demulsifier and anticoagulant.

3. Creating an unnatural “trans fat”

After human catalytic reaction hydrocracking, most of the pure natural unsaturated fat in edible oil becomes saturated fat, and the unsaturated fat contained in it may lose the pure natural CIS structure, resulting in the unnatural “trans fat”.

The nutrition academia believes that trans fat is more risky than saturated fat, because saturated fat only increases blood lipids, but does not reduce the beneficial density of high protein cholesterol. Some new scientific studies have shown that trans fat may also increase the prevalence of breast cancer and diabetes, and may affect the growth and development of children and the physical and mental health of central nervous system. So it’s better to drink less