Can coffee companion drink alone

Freshly ground coffee was often drunk by people in Europe and the United States. They used to drink a lot of coffee in the coffee shop between two meals at noon. It can not only wake up, but also improve work efficiency. Freshly ground coffee has been widely spread in China for a long time, and is loved and favored by young people in China. Students like to drink a cup of coffee after class, and wage earners often stay up late A cup of coffee. It’s bitter to drink a lot of coffee alone.

Many people can’t accept the bitter taste of freshly ground coffee. People in European and American countries also have the habit of drinking pure milk. They drink milk and freshly ground coffee together, and the taste is really very good. But milk is not easy to take, so we hydrogenate the vegetable oil and turn it into a solid vegetable fat powder, which is good for packaging and storage, called coffee companion.

Coffee partner, learn full name is: fat powder, also known as milk tea powder, is a new commodity with hydrogenated vegetable oil and whey protein as key raw materials. This product has a unique effect in food production and processing, and is also a kind of contemporary food. According to different needs of customers, vegetable fat powder can produce low calorie, medium fat and high fat commodity according to its standard in the whole production process. [good health]

Recent studies have shown that the esterification of edible oil is in fact the whole process of changing the unsaturated fat of edible oil into saturated or semi saturated state, which will cause trans fat. It can increase the density of low protein in the body blood, and reduce the protein with high density, causing arteriosclerosis and increasing the risk of heart disease and brain injury. Recently, when revising the composition of the food pyramid in the United Kingdom, it has been clearly pointed out that great attention should be paid to the issue of trans fat, requiring manufacturers to mark the ingredients of trans fat in commodities. Therefore, it is not completely harmless and should not eat more.

Many people are concerned about whether coffee partners can drink independently. They can drink it on their own. They are gifted with some sugar. They feel like baby milk powder diluted slightly. They have no very attractive taste. Moreover, they are vegetable fat powder,

Coffee partner can not only drink with freshly ground coffee, but also drink with green tea. Green tea plus lover is a milk tea shop.