Coffee plant fat powder and milk powder

In terms of design, Starbucks emphasizes that each building has its own style, so that Starbucks can integrate into the original building without destroying the original design of the building. This is why every Starbucks seems to be the same, but in fact, it has its own unique key reason. The success of Starbucks in China is different from that of McDonald’s and KFC, which are also very successful in China. Starbucks is positioned as a coffee drinker and a relatively high-end consumer group. This consumer group has a higher consumer taste in the environment and products. Starbucks is always trying to constantly seek innovation and change, trying to “the same cup of coffee, the same pleasant goal, different consumption experience”.

Flat white. It has a history of more than 100 years. White coffee does not mean that the color of coffee is white. It is made from special coffee beans and super grade skimmed milk powder. The coffee is made by special technology. The aroma of glycol does not hurt the stomach and intestines. It retains the original color and fragrance of coffee. The color is lighter and softer than ordinary coffee, so it is named white coffee.

In my opinion, lucky coffee, which has become a new brand of phenomenal topic, is not so much a coffee with special marketing and new Internet retail mode. Rather, it completely breaks through the fact that coffee is the window paper of high price and quality life in China, so that coffee can be popularized in a more affordable and convenient way – this is the greater value of lucky cyclone.

For office workers, it seems impossible, because the life of office workers is to get up early and return late. The basic time is not controllable by themselves, so there is no free time to go

In addition to relaxing the body, alcohol can also cause esophageal sphincter relaxation, which can lead to heartburn. In addition, alcohol may also cause gastric mucosal damage, weaken the role of some enzymes, prevent the absorption of nutrients; if gastrointestinal erosion, alcohol will also stimulate the digestive tract. Excessive alcohol intake can also lead to diarrhea and cramps. ”

When the treated coffee beans are sent to the sun farm, the moisture content is about 55%. It needs to be dried to 34% before entering the mechanical dryer to reduce the moisture content to 11% – 12% and store in storage. The drying process temperature should not exceed 34 degrees Celsius. All the details are to keep the coffee germ active, which is also an important secret to ensure the flavor of coffee. After careful treatment and preservation of coffee beans, the germ can survive for up to a year.

Coffee drinkers had a significantly lower risk of dry eye than non coffee drinkers. This is mainly related to the purine components in coffee (eye drops containing purine can stimulate the secretion of liquid in glands, and have a certain protective effect on the eyes). ”

After pass, you can learn module 3. Review the first two parts and add another ice Italian formula + practice and QA health quality and safety. Remember that the module assessment is to make a cup of vanilla latte with dots, black tea latte, mocha star bingle and Iced Mocha. The picture shows the mastrena coffee maker I photographed after closing. It is worth tens of thousands of RMB. You need to know that coffee drinks are made through it in the future. What is the possibility of placing one in your home? If you only want to learn how to press the pot well, I don’t say so^_^