Comparison between fresh milk and non-dairy creamer of Four Season Milk Tea form A little milk tea?

Comparative evaluation of fresh milk and vegetable fat powder of Yidian Siji milk tea

For as like as two peas of tea, two samples of tea are needed, and two cups of tea cups are exactly the same. The tea is all spring, and they are all sugar free and ice cream plus wave bars.
A cup is made of vegetable fat powder, the name is four seasons milk green, 10 yuan.
The other is made of fresh milk. It’s called four seasons latte. It’s 13 yuan.
The color difference may be due to a cup of tea put more.

Four seasons milk green obviously smooth many, the taste is mellow, the tea flavor is light, drink down to have a sense of happiness and satisfaction.

The four seasons latte has a strong taste and a tea astringency. It is not as green and mellow as the milk of the four seasons. There is a feeling that the water has been diluted. The taste is natural, and it is similar to the Lipton tea bag made at home with milk.

Although drinking too much will affect people’s health, controlling the corresponding intake will not cause too much negative impact on people’s health.