What does coffee companion (coffee cream) contain?

Coffee companion is a product that many people, if not everyday, often use. It is particularly popular in the workplace because traditional products (such as half and half or milk) are difficult to buy and store compared to it. Due to the convenience of purchase and storage, coffee partners often appear in coffee shops, hotels or many other places. Coffee partner may be convenient, but it’s not very healthy, and if you’re going to use it or decide to avoid it, you should know what it contains.

Corn syrup solid

In order to obtain solid corn syrup, corn grains need to be converted into corn starch, which needs to be chemically treated with hydrochloric acid. Hydrochloric acid, a highly corrosive chemical, is sometimes used in food production, as well as in plastics and metals. During processing, a liquid mixture of corn and hydrochloric acid is dried into crystals, which is called solid corn syrup. Solid corn syrup can mimic the traditional half and half or natural sugar in milk to make coffee partner taste similar to natural sugar.


Aluminosilicate is a synthetic compound of aluminum, silicon, sodium and oxygen, which has been found in coffee partners. It is added to the coffee partner as an anti caking agent to keep the ingredients from caking and keep it powdery. Although the content of aluminosilicate in coffee partner is relatively small, the central nervous problems caused by aluminum should not be ignored.


The cream powder in the coffee companion can be used to blend flavors such as vanilla and hazelnut. The main component of these creamers is usually sugar, followed by oil. The creamer in each coffee partner provides 60 calories and 7 grams of sugar.


Casein is a kind of milk protein, which is commonly found in non dairy creamers to help provide the natural taste of milk. While casein is a healthy supplement, it’s sensitive or allergic to dairy products, but people who use coffee partners as substitutes have problems. If you are allergic to dairy products, always check your coffee partner’s ingredient list to make sure it is free of casein and other dairy ingredients.