Development history, competition pattern of vegetable fat industry

1、 General situation of vegetable fat powder industry
Plant fat powder is a powdered food ingredient made from glucose syrup, edible vegetable oil and milk powder by microencapsulation and spray drying technology. Because it can improve the internal structure of food, increase the flavor, and significantly improve the alcohol thickness, smoothness and fullness of food and beverage taste, it is not only a common ingredient of milk tea and coffee products, but also used in instant cereal, cake, biscuit and other leisure food, and has a wide range of applications in the field of modern food production and processing.

According to the fat content, the vegetable fat powder can be divided into high-fat, medium fat and low-fat, which are suitable for different purposes. Generally, the fat content of 20% – 50% is generally used in beverage making. In addition, with the continuous innovation and improvement of food formula and production process, cold soluble and acid resistant functional vegetable fat powders have been gradually introduced. New raw materials such as medium carbon chain fatty acid glycerides (MCT) have a significantly faster absorption and metabolism rate in human body than ordinary vegetable oil products. Therefore, the use of this kind of fat raw materials can expand the protection of powdered fat products such as vegetable fat powder Health, medical and other fields of application.

Classification of vegetable fat powder
Zhizhimo was born in 1958. At that time, carnation developed a product with the taste similar to dairy products and soluble in water by using raw materials such as edible vegetable oil. It was put on the market with the label of “coffee mate” in 1961. As the product is a solid powder, no need to refrigerate, the convenience of use is obviously improved, and it is generally welcomed by the market. Subsequently, other companies have gradually developed and produced similar products, and continue to explore the downstream application fields of vegetable fat powder products.

In the 1980s, vegetable fat entered the domestic consumer market. Throughout the development of domestic vegetable fat powder market, it mainly experienced the stage of import consumption, independent production and R & D innovation. With the further improvement of the competitiveness of domestic fat powder products, the products of domestic high-quality vegetable powder manufacturers have been exported to all over the world, and China has become one of the important producing areas of the global vegetable fat powder products.

Development of vegetable fat powder industry
2、 Competition pattern of vegetable fat industry
The vast market space, good development prospects and relatively high profit margin of domestic vegetable fat industry attract a number of new enterprises to enter the industry. However, new entrants are faced with many barriers such as brand effect, production scale, customer base, marketing channels and talent scarcity, which makes it difficult to straighten out the relationship among all aspects in the short term. Therefore, at present, a small number of high-quality enterprises still occupy the majority of the market share in the domestic vegetable fat powder market. In the future, enterprises with advantages in technology research and development, product quality, sales channels and brand awareness will obtain higher market share.

3、 Main characteristics of vegetable fat powder industry
1. Periodicity
As the upstream industry of milk tea, coffee, baking and cereal industry, the periodicity of vegetable powder industry will be affected by the prosperity of the above beverage and food industry. However, due to the stable overall consumption demand of the downstream industries, the industry has weak cyclical characteristics. At the same time, fat powder industry and downstream industries such as milk tea, coffee, baking and cereal are affected by macroeconomic cycle fluctuations.

2. Seasonality
At present, vegetable fat powder products are widely used in milk tea, coffee, baking, cereal food and other fields, most of which belong to fast moving consumer goods, with a large consumer group and stable overall consumption demand. However, in some subdivisions, such as milk tea, the consumption in summer is relatively small, so the milk tea industry shows certain seasonal characteristics; however, in coffee, baking and cereal industries, it is less affected by seasonal factors, so on the whole, the fat end industry has weak seasonal characteristics. In addition, affected by the Spring Festival holiday and other factors, the first quarter sales volume of fat industry will be slightly lower than other quarters.

3. Regionality
At the same time, due to its stable physical properties, it can meet the needs of different regions and different climates, so its market area is relatively wide; at the same time, due to the relatively high population density in the eastern region, the consumption of food and beverage is relatively high, so the demand for vegetable fat powder is relatively higher than that in other regions.