How to separate the fat powder and coffee powder, can coconut milk and coffee powder drink together

Filter paper brewing: fine coffee powder is suitable for brewing in this way. Using a small funnel, place a piece of filter paper inside the funnel, and put a cup of coffee powder into the filter paper pocket. (avoid coffee entering the interlayer between the filter paper and the funnel wall) wet the coffee powder with water of appropriate temperature, and then add water (water should be added slowly to avoid the water level higher than the edge of the filter paper to flush the coffee residue into the coffee) until a cup of coffee is in good condition.

When making coffee, in order to avoid reducing the taste of coffee, we need to use boiled water to make coffee cup better. We should use ceramic cup to make the coffee taste better. Then we should follow the instructions of buying coffee and control the proportion of water and coffee powder.

Coffee beans become coffee powder after being ground by a bean grinder. No matter what kind of price and which type of bean grinder, the shape of the ground coffee powder particles is different, so the consistency of grinding can not be achieved. In the process of grinding, the length, sharpness and rotation speed of the cutter head of the grinder will affect the uniformity of coffee particles.

Precautions: 1. Use warm water for water level. The water level is 05cm below the safety valve. The safety valve will automatically release the pressure when the pressure of the pot is too high, so as to prevent safety accidents. If the water level is higher than the safety valve, the function of the safety valve will not work normally. 2. Coffee powder: medium and fine-grained coffee powder. When filling the powder tank, vibrate the powder trough properly to make the coffee powder evenly distributed. After filling, the coffee powder can be evenly distributed. Using light pressure on the surface to make the powder more dense, the Belgian coffee pot (balancing syphon) and the Belgian pot with siphon coffee pot and mocha pot are full of seesaw fun. It combines several natural forces, such as fire, steam, pressure and gravity, which make the operation feel more visible than that of Lishi coffee pot. French pressure filter pot. Fengtai District coffee machine rental price free maintenance

If your beans are roasted within 10 days, the beans will contain more gas and need to be vented more. When hot water comes into contact with the coffee powder, the coffee powder starts to expand, throwing its own gas out, resulting in a stuffy steam effect, that is, you can see the bulge like a small black steamed bread. The expansion will reduce the gap of coffee powder and reduce the probability of channel effect. Sometimes, it is recommended that when the coffee beans are brewed by hand, they can be slightly stirred when they are steamed to improve the extraction rate.

The use of ice water “pre soaking”, in fact, is similar to the steaming process in hand washing, which can improve the extraction effect and the consistency of the finished product. If the direct ice drop, it may cause uneven wetting of the powder layer, some coffee powder is over extracted, and the other part of coffee powder is not involved in the extraction.

American style drip coffee pot is also more commonly used. It is separated by filter paper. First, put the filter paper into the drip, pour the coffee powder (about 10-12g per person) into the drip with a measuring spoon, and then tap a few times to make the surface smooth. Then boil the water and pour it into a small spouted kettle. Gently and steadily pour the boiling water (water temperature is about 95 degrees) from the center point, and slowly start the boiling water to penetrate and spread the coffee powder. This process must be relatively slow, so that the coffee can be fully filtered, a cup of strong coffee is ready.

Generally, there are two kinds of internal container of electric coffee pot, one is funnel type, the other is wide and flat cylindrical. In the general electric coffee maker, the internal spray nozzle only sprays hot water around, and the amount of coffee powder is too small. Some hot water can only be sprayed to the filter paper, but not to the coffee powder, so most of them are brewed into a cup of diluted coffee.

It originated in Japan in 1990 and has been improved for decades. Inside the bag is instant coffee powder, which is hung on the cup and stewed for tens of seconds. You can simulate the process of making coffee by hand. You can add water in sections and throw away the filter paper bag. It’s aimed at people who want to drink the same quality as hand made coffee in a coffee shop, but don’t have time or money.

Mocha pot is a kind of coffee utensil which is extracted through coffee powder by hot water siphon. The sealed metal pot body and filtration system can increase the pressure in the pot, so that more oil can be extracted from coffee beans, and the aroma is more rich, forming a perfect cup of espresso.

Each cup of Yingji coffee contains coffee powder, which seems to be less than the small bag of coffee I usually drink. This is because Yingji small pot coffee is not a traditional 2 + 1 coffee. There is no milk, no sugar, and no other additives in Yingji small pot coffee. It is just pure coffee powder, and this kind of small pot coffee is enough to make 200-250ml coffee. After pouring the small jar of Yingji coffee into the glass, you can see that the coffee powder is constantly melting. This is a visible change to the naked eye. It is very obvious that the glass cup is only about 100ml, so only half of Yingji coffee powder is needed to make this cup of coffee. Key words: how to separate fat powder and coffee powder, can coconut milk and coffee powder drink together