Does coffee contain non-dairy creamer?

As a fashionable drink from western countries, coffee is also warmly welcomed in Southeast Asian countries. Coffee contains unique caffeine, which can stimulate the nervous system of the human body, so that the body produces excitement, so many office workers use coffee to achieve the effect of refreshing. Of course, coffee lovers also have a corresponding concern, does coffee contain non-dairy creamer? Can you drink more coffee?

Does coffee contain non-dairy creamer? Coffee is a beverage made from roasted coffee beans, which is popular with cocoa and tea in the world. Different kinds of coffee beans bring people different taste of coffee. At the same time, everyone likes different coffee. In order to neutralize the bitterness of coffee, we have a corresponding coffee partner.

Does coffee contain non-dairy creamer? If you ask your coffee partner what it is, most people may say that it is milk that makes the coffee white and strong. In fact, if you take a careful look at the instructions on the coffee partner, there are three small words on the front of the coffee partner: “fat powder”. In other words, the coffee companion is the ground fat, which is contained in coffee.

The main components of vegetable fat powder are glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil, sodium caseinate, stabilizer, emulsifier and anti caking agent. Glucose syrup is a kind of mixture with sweet taste and thick solution after starch hydrolysis. Hydrogenated vegetable oil is a kind of semi-solid oil formed by artificial catalytic hydrogenation of soybean oil or rapeseed oil.

Hydrogenation of vegetable oil is an operation to improve food processing performance by hydrogenation on unsaturated bond to increase the melting point of oil. After artificial catalytic hydrogenation, most of the natural unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil become full fatty acids, and the unsaturated fatty acids contained in them can also lose the natural CIS structure and produce unnatural “trans fatty acids”.

Because the hydrogenation process of vegetable fat powder often produces trans fatty acids, which are harmful to human health. So, can you drink more coffee? Although coffee has the effect of refreshing, but also can not be long-term drinking, may cause human neurasthenia.

To sum up, does coffee contain non-dairy creamer? Can you drink more coffee? Coffee contains plant fat powder, which contains trans fatty acid, so it can not be consumed for a long time. Of course, the current production technology of vegetable fat powder has been improving. The raw material of vegetable fat powder produced by Boduo international is zero trans fatty acid. The three in one coffee partner of Boduo brand is a very good product. You can order it according to your own needs!