Does Nayuki use vegetable cream or non-dairy creamer?

Expensive, because the brand premium, not all the materials are expensive. Table milk tea is good to drink because the taste of vegetable fat powder is better, not as fat as fresh milk, drink up will be greasy. On the one hand, the cost of fresh milk is higher than that of fat powder, and the second is the taste problem (there are also some people who are not tolerant of fat and easy to cause diarrhea).

Vegetable fat powder is a cassava powder extract with low cost. It tastes good when making milk tea. It dissolves more quickly and fully with tea. This is why desktop milk tea is more popular than Hong Kong style milk tea. The only drawback of the fat powder is that it has a certain impact on the body, and the long-term excessive consumption has an impact on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular aspects. There is no actual negative case, but in foreign countries, it has begun to refuse to use vegetable fat powder as food additive.

Fat powder can be eaten, just don’t overdose, middle-aged and old people should drink less. In fact, many foods in our life have vegetable powder, milk tea is the most common, baking industry, two in one coffee and so on. However, it is said that some large companies have developed healthy vegetable fat. Finally, the price is relatively high.

Popular science data show that the fat powder is not healthy, but as long as the intake of fat powder does not exceed the standard, the impact on human health is not big, we do not need to worry too much. Now the end of vegetable fat products are also in progress, more and more healthy end products will be on the market, you can choose according to your own actual situation, do not need to worry too much!