Does non-trans fatty acid non-dairy creamer really exist?

During the epidemic period, because there were no milk tea shops still operating nearby, many consumers had the idea of purchasing some raw materials for milk tea production. Making milk tea with raw materials themselves to meet the daily drinking needs has become a very common phenomenon.

However, after the corresponding search, it was found that the end product of vegetable fat has certain harm to health, so there are some concerns. Some consumers found that most of the end products on the market contain trans fatty acids, which have a certain impact on their health.

When looking for the corresponding substitute materials, it is found that these materials can not completely replace the products of vegetable fat powder, in other words, the product phase is not superior to the vegetable fat powder itself. In order to meet the needs of making healthy drinks, some consumers began to look for zero trans fatty acid type of vegetable fat end products, which attracted the attention of some consumers.

Later, it was generally found that trans fatty acids can be marked as zero if they are lower than a fixed value in the national standard. Now there is a process to saturate the double bond, and there is basically no theory of CIS trans isomerization. Therefore, if consumers want to reduce their health hazards and control the corresponding product intake, in theory, there is no trans fatty acid free vegetable fat powder. In essence, it is an ideal state. We don’t need to worry too much about the fat powder. If we eat a balanced diet and control the dosage, we will not have too many health problems.