Drink knowledge lecture:Fresh milk, light milk and fat powder

Drink knowledge lecture: fresh milk, light milk and fat powder have not been updated for a long time. I’m really busy recently. I’m sorry (I didn’t save my manuscript. I wrote it myself, please like it)! I often see people ask questions about the replacement of fresh milk, light milk and vegetable fat powder. Today’s lecture simply summarizes the characteristics and uses of the three.

The so-called “existence is rationality”. First of all, nothing can completely replace another thing existing in the same environment in the same period. Naturally, the three products here are also. Substitution is only on a certain level. Fresh milk: as for fresh milk, we said earlier (last chapter of fat planting) that milk tea or other drinks are not targeted and plastic. Why?

First of all, the cost of fresh milk is too high due to its high price and large demand for a single cup. However, due to various expenses, the average beverage store can bear a single cup cost between 1 and 2 yuan, with a maximum of no more than 2.5 yuan. I believe that few shopkeepers can accept this kind of incremental cost. Secondly, the main reason is the application of fresh milk Sex is very low. Why?

Generally, the water content of fresh milk is very high, and the milk flavor is relatively low, which often leads to the tea flavor of tea without milk flavor, and even some products will have a faint fishy smell. Finally, the shelf life of fresh milk is very short, generally only a few days. However, the raw materials of beverage stores are often purchased in batches, but there is certain uncertainty in the sales, so the shelf life is so long The shorter things tend to consume more, which is undoubtedly another expense. It’s not that fresh milk is bad, but the applicability of fresh milk is not high. Although it is relatively healthy, its cost performance is very low.

Light milk: when it comes to light milk, let’s first understand what light milk is? Light milk refers to the fresh milk which has been distilled to remove part of the moisture. Its characteristics are low moisture, strong milk flavor and longer shelf life than fresh milk. So is light milk necessarily healthy? The answer is No.

There are two kinds of light milk on the market: one is full fat light milk, which is the distilled fresh milk mentioned above; the other is vegetable fat milk, which is made from the related substances extracted from plant fat, which is basically the same as the plant fat powder. Even some brands of light milk have higher trans fatty acid content than the vegetable fat powder.

Although the milk flavor of light milk is stronger than that of fresh milk, it has not yet reached the demand of many drinks for milk flavor. Because we are making commercial drinks, the taste and palatability are very important. The general light milk can not meet this requirement without adding the proportion of the amount of milk added. Therefore, the light milk on the market is not enough Most of them are used to make Hong Kong style milk tea, and few are used for other products.

Vegetable fat powder: as mentioned in the last chapter of vegetable fat, it is extracted from vegetable fat (i.e. vegetable oil). Its advantages are rich milk flavor, low cost and wide applicability (almost all milk flavored drinks and desserts can be prepared). The disadvantage is that the nutrient content is low, and the trans fatty acid content of most vegetable fat powder exceeds the standard. When it comes to trans fatty acids, it is necessary to mention them separately here.

Although trans fatty acids are harmful, they are not as terrible as many people think. As long as they do not exceed certain standards, they will not have a great impact on the body. Now the so-called “zero trans fatty acids” is not really “zero”, but refers to Its content is within this standard range. We usually drink fresh milk with 4% – 9% trans fatty acids. There are a lot of negative media reports about the vegetable fat powder.

Now the slightly better ones are basically “zero trans fatty acid”, which can be used at ease to a certain extent, but it is an indisputable fact that the nutrient content is low. Well, as far as the analysis of the three is concerned, radish and vegetables have their own preferences. Each store has different positioning and different ideas. We do not interfere too much with your choice here. We are welcome to continue to pay attention to the later update.