Drinking coffee stimulates the body’s metabolism, which stimulates the excretion of waste

Many people like to drink coffee, not only because coffee can refresh the mind, but also because of the mellow aroma of coffee, which brings endless feelings to people’s taste buds. But the authentic coffee taste is very bitter, so in the process of drinking coffee, you need to add sugar or condensed milk. But condensed milk is a kind of food with very high calorie content, so some people still worry about whether coffee and condensed milk will cause harm to the body?

It is undeniable that drinking coffee can really refresh the mind. In addition, drinking coffee has some other benefits. Coffee’s main ingredient is caffeine, but also contains a small amount of protein, sugar, and fat. Coffee is easily absorbed by the human body. Drinking coffee can accelerate the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the whole body, which is conducive to the discharge of waste in the human body. It can also stimulate the secretion of gastric acid, help digestion and promote the metabolism of the human body.

However, for patients with coronary heart disease and hypertension, drinking coffee is not suitable. Because after drinking too much coffee, these patients will appear high blood pressure, tachycardia, restlessness, sweating and other phenomena.

Although drinking coffee is good for your health, it is not advisable to use milk with coffee. Milk contains very rich minerals, especially calcium content is very high, drinking milk is the best way to supplement calcium. However, when milk and coffee are consumed together, caffeine, the main component of coffee, will adsorb minerals and calcium in milk, resulting in a waste of nutrients, and even lead to the loss of calcium in the body.

Therefore, drink coffee should pay attention to the appropriate amount, scientific drinking, in the collocation with other food, also pay special attention to. In order to make coffee play a good role, the correct drinking method can not be ignored.

first, when you drink coffee, you might as well eat some snacks, or add some plant fat powder to the coffee, which is commonly referred to as coffee partner or condensed milk, which not only regulates the taste of coffee itself, but also increases its nutrition.

Second, drink coffee appropriately. Generally speaking, the coffee intake per person per day should not exceed 50g. Drinking too much will increase the burden on the nervous system, which is not conducive to the body.

Third, high concentration of caffeine can cause damage to the liver. If children take a large amount of caffeine for a long time, they will paralyze their nerves and lead to mental decline. It should also be noted that the general coffee after drinking about an hour, the human body will feel excited, its action time can generally maintain 4-5 hours. Therefore, the best time to drink coffee should be 9-10 a.m., or 2-3 p.m., and never drink coffee before sleeping, otherwise it will lead to bad consequences such as difficulty in falling asleep and dreaminess, and affect the quality of sleep.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that in order to maintain the normal function of the five viscera and six Fu organs, it is not only necessary to timely supplement the nutrition required by each organ, but also to pay attention to the principle of mutual generation and mutual restraint among different foods, which is also the taboo of diet. Calcium deficiency, it is necessary to supplement certain calcium, avoid drinking milk, coffee, or drinking coffee with milk.