Why should we add less partner and more milk to drink coffee

Many people drink coffee, like to add some coffee partner, so that the taste of coffee taste more smooth, rich, and many people directly choose instant coffee, both convenient and good taste. However, nutritionists pointed out that this way of eating may cause harm to human health and is not suitable for long-term use.

The ingredients of coffee companion and even many instant instant instant drinks contain “vegetable fat powder”, which is usually composed of glucose syrup, hydrogenated vegetable oil and sodium caseinate, as well as food additives such as stabilizer, emulsifier and anti caking agent.

Hydrogenated vegetable oil contains trans fatty acids. The nutrition research has found that trans fatty acids can increase blood viscosity and promote thrombosis, increase cholesterol, promote atherosclerosis, increase the incidence rate of type II diabetes and breast cancer, and affect the normal growth and development of infants and adolescents, and may have adverse effects on the development of the central nervous system.

If you are used to drinking coffee, try not to use coffee partner, but directly add hot whole milk into coffee, which not only tastes the same, but also has higher nutritional value. In addition, special sweet Cereals, sesame paste and other instant foods also contain trans fatty acids, while pearl milk tea is made from milk essence, which also needs to be vigilant.