Effect and function of Zhizhi powder

Vegetable fat powder is also called milk essence. It is much better to understand that milk essence is better than that of vegetable fat powder. Vegetable fat powder is obtained by mixing, emulsifying and drying casein, glucose syrup and hydrogenated vegetable oil as the main raw materials. The shape of vegetable fat powder is similar to that of milk powder. Instant coffee and instant milk tea are all added with vegetable fat powder. Let’s take a look at the efficacy and function of fat powder.

Effect and function of Zhizhi powder
To say that the effect of vegetable fat powder on the role, that is, the vegetable fat powder has good water solubility and dispersion, can be used in a variety of food to improve the speed of solubility and mixing, improve the taste. For example, adding in milk tea, vegetable fat powder can make the milk flavor of milk tea heavier, taste more mellow, its role is to greatly improve the texture of milk tea, at the same time, it can reduce the production cost, because the vegetable fat powder has the milk flavor similar to milk. At the same time, it is widely used in instant coffee, cocoa beverage and other solid powder drinks, which is called coffee whitening agent by European and American people.

The efficacy and function of the fat powder does not mean to the body, but it is more harmful to the body, because the hydrogenated vegetable oil in the vegetable fat powder has great harm to the human body, which will increase the low density lipoprotein in the blood of the human body, and increase the risk of heart disease, hyperglycemia, hypersensitivity and other diseases.

It also contains trans fatty acids, which will interfere with the normal metabolism of essential fatty acids, and harm the body is Xianer’s opinion. It has a great impact on the growth and development of children and adolescents, and long-term excessive intake may even lead to the risk of female infertility.

However, with the development of science and technology, zero trans fatty acid end products are now on the market. In the next few years, this kind of products will sweep the catering market and bring consumers a more comfortable and healthy eating environment. We don’t have to worry too much, we just need to drink it in a proper amount, which will not cause too much impact on the body.