How to distinguish vegetable fat powder and milk

The subject may refer to how to distinguish the beverage mixed with vegetable fat powder and milk beverage. Plant fat powder is usually used as one of the ingredients in coffee and milk tea. It is not usually made into a drink to pass off milk. As one of the beverage ingredients, if well prepared, it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance and flavor. Because of the difference between the flavor of vegetable fat powder and milk, it will be covered by the flavor of other ingredients.

The most direct and effective way to distinguish is to look at the product label. In the list of ingredients, “Zhizhi Fen” is usually “Zhi Zhi Fen”. “Coffee companion” is also vegetable fat powder, but it is Nestle’s registered trademark, only they can use it. As for whether the merchants will be disorderly marked, no one can guarantee that, but it can be imagined that if the fat powder is used and marked as milk, then the claim for compensation will result in vomiting of blood.

The following is a brief introduction to what “fat powder” is.

Traditionally, when you drink coffee, you add milk to it, called “cream.”. But milk is not so convenient, the price is still high. The core of milk is protein coated fat particles, which are white due to the scattering of colloidal particles, and smooth taste due to the delicate fat. Nestle uses a small amount of protein and emulsifier to disperse vegetable oil, adding some ingredients to make a “coffee companion”. It’s higher in fat, better in particle size, and even better in coffee. It’s solid, easy to transport and store, so it’s very popular.

Similar products produced by other companies are called “non dairy cream” and “Zhizhi powder” in Chinese.

In the past, hydrogenated vegetable oil was usually used as vegetable oil. Since hydrogenated vegetable oils contain more trans fats, other vegetable oils were used later.

Compared with milk, the protein in plant fat powder is generally casein, and the dosage is relatively low. Small molecular emulsifier is usually added to reduce the cost and improve the emulsifying effect.

In addition to these two core components, a considerable amount of maltodextrin is usually added.

From the safety point of view, if hydrogenated vegetable oil is not used, then there is no safety problem for vegetable fat powder. From a nutritional point of view, its protein content is very low, fat content is very high, lack of other trace nutrients in milk, with milk is not comparable.