Fat powder and health

At present, the safety of vegetable fat powder in news media and on the Internet has been over heated, resulting in consumers’ fear of food added with vegetable fat powder. So, what is the end of the fat? Does it really do so much harm to human health? With these questions, we will elaborate on the related issues of the fat powder.

Plant fat, also known as creamer and coffee mate, is a new type of food made from hydrogenated vegetable oil, starch syrup, sodium caseinate, emulsifier and thickener. It is prepared by mixing, emulsifying, sterilizing and spray drying. The so-called hydrogenated vegetable oil refers to the conversion of unsaturated fatty acids in vegetable oil into saturated or semi saturated fatty acids through catalytic (hydrogenation) reaction. The fatty acid in vegetable oil is mainly unsaturated fatty acid, which has a low melting point and is liquid at room temperature. However, the melting point of vegetable oil is increased by hydrogenation on unsaturated bond to make it saturated, which can be used in food processing.

It can improve the internal structure of food, increase aroma and fat, taste delicate, thick and full of milk flavor. Because of these characteristics, vegetable fat powder has a special role in food production and processing, and it is also a new type of food. At present, vegetable fat powder is widely used in milk drinks, plant protein drinks, solid drinks, cold drinks, baked food, jelly, coffee drinks, instant Cereals, cakes and so on. It can maintain the flavor characteristics of food color, aroma and taste, and meet the needs of consumers.

In the production of vegetable fat powder by the old technology many years ago, trans fatty acid will be produced in the hydrogenation process of hydrogenated vegetable oil. However, with the development of modern science and technology, the production of trans fatty acids can be controlled by production technology in the production process of vegetable fat powder, so that it does not contain trans fatty acids. As far as trans fatty acids are concerned, expert studies have shown that only long-term excessive intake of trans fatty acids will cause great harm to human health. Trans fatty acids include monounsaturated trans fatty acids and polyunsaturated trans fatty acids, and their chemical structures correspond to the configuration of one or more nonconjugated double bonds, respectively.

Excessive intake of trans fatty acids for a long time can increase LDL and decrease HDL, thus increasing the risk of vascular sclerosis, heart disease, cerebrovascular accident and other diseases. Therefore, many countries have put forward the requirements of limited intake or labeling for trans fatty acid content, but there is no unified standard in the world, and it is still in transition Stage.

At present, the news media and the Internet are exaggerating and hyping the harm of trans fatty acid in vegetable fat powder, which causes the panic psychology of consumers. We should treat this problem rationally and scientifically. Many testing institutions believe that even if normal people take 2 g of trans fatty acids a day, there is still no significant impact on human health.

At present, the vegetable fat powder used in nutrition meal and peptide algae nutrition powder products on the market adopts advanced production technology to control the production of trans fatty acids, and the raw materials used do not contain trans fatty acids. General companies have developed strict raw material technical standards and monitoring measures to ensure that products do not contain trans fatty acids. Therefore, the nutritional meals and peptide algae nutrition powder products on the market are basically safe and can be eaten for a long time.

Vegetable fat powder is a new type of food raw material allowed to be used in China’s food laws and regulations. The state has issued corresponding standards. The production and use of vegetable fat powder must follow the national standards. As long as we don’t eat the high trans fatty acid high fat powder food for a long time, it has no effect on human health, and people can eliminate the fear of being overheated by the news media and the Internet.