Favorable factors affecting the development environment of the non-dairy creamer industry (2)

3. Broad market development prospects

Non-dairy creamer is the raw material for downstream products such as milk tea, coffee, roasting and oatmeal food. The growth of downstream industries is the direct driving force for the development of the non-dairy creamer market. In recent years, my country’s milk tea, coffee, baked goods and cereals have maintained a good development trend. Therefore, the market demand for non-dairy creamer products has increased accordingly.

In addition, in the fields of snacks, cold drinks, and health products, the demand for functional non-dairy creamers that focus on taste and nutrition is also increasing, which will become a new growth point for the non-dairy creamer industry in the future.

4. Industry concentration and technological improvement

With the continuous development of the non-dairy creamer industry, the industry concentration of the industry continues to increase, and the technical level of the industry is also constantly improving. More new technologies, new equipment, and new processes are used in the production process, and the level of automation is significantly improved. Improve production efficiency, save labor costs and energy consumption, while improving and ensuring product quality.