Can trans fatty acids be consumed for a long time

In fact, we all know that excessive intake of trans fatty acids will increase the “bad cholesterol” in the body- Low density lipoprotein content, low density lipoprotein will accumulate on the blood vessel wall, induce atherosclerosis, cause a variety of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but in fact, the existence of trans fatty acids in food is within the limits of the food law (the content of trans fatty acids per 100g is less than 0.3g). If you eat less than 1% of the total calories per day (about 2G), right The harm is not so serious. In fact, no matter whether there are trans fatty acids or not, eating more fatty foods, such as cookies, crispy biscuits and so on, will also be harmful to health.

The existence of trans fatty acids is inevitable, so the treatment of margarine and other things is similar to that of cigarettes. It is better not to consume or eat foods made from natural butter. Try to eat less cream cakes, bread, pies, milk tea, etc. (cream in milk tea, that is, vegetable fat powder, is also an important source of trans fatty acids).

Finally, there is a saying that “new technology is completely hydrogenated vegetable oil, so it does not contain trans fatty acids.”. But in fact, the texture of fully hydrogenated vegetable oil is very hard, and it is not suitable for food processing. Therefore, most of the incomplete hydrogenated vegetable oils containing trans fatty acids are on the market. Basically, creamers, creamers, margarine and cocoa butter substitutes all contain trans fatty acids, and when the trans fat content is less than or equal to 300 mg / 100 g, you can mark 0 trans fatty acids. Therefore, milk tea, cream cake, biscuits and other things, as well as snacks containing cream and cocoa butter in various preparation tables, should be reduced.