From coffee mate to oil powder, past and present of non-dairy creamer

Traditionally, coffee is often served with sugar and cream. Cream is separated from milk. It is not only inconvenient to use (need to refrigerate), but also expensive. Therefore, coffee is indeed a good companion for morning refreshment, but the coffee with good taste depends more on the credit of coffee partner. This is to mention the past and present life of the end of the fat plant.

In fact, trans fat is not an inherent characteristic of vegetable fat powder. For many years, trans fatty acids in vegetable fat end products have become a key factor affecting consumers’ health. Later, the food industry gradually replaced hydrogenated vegetable oil with other oils, such as palm oil, soybean oil and so on. The vegetable fat powder produced after the process improvement can completely contain no trans fat.

Since the negative image of vegetable fat powder has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the improvement of raw materials and technology is not everyone’s interest to understand, so the food industry has found a new way to no longer call this kind of product “vegetable fat powder”, but “oil powder” – to make liquid oil into solid “oil powder”, there will be no “negative” impression, and even give people a certain “technical sense”.

Of course, the extensive use of the plant fat powder is not only as a coffee companion, but also as a common raw material for making milk tea and other drinks. For example, coconut oil has been hyped as “healthy oil”. The vegetable fat powder made of coconut oil can be easily added to various drinks, and it also reverses the image of “unhealthy beverage” – although the price is high, the feeling of “sound healthy” urges many beverage lovers to pay for it. In short, from coffee partner to oil powder, it is the past and present life of vegetable fat powder.