Get out of the misunderstanding of powdered fat and non-dairy creamer

As food raw materials, powder oil is playing an important role in food manufacturing industry with its incomparable advantages. In some food we usually enjoy, powder oil is often contained.

Powdered oils and fats are made from edible oils, starch hydrolysates and casein, which are mainly used in the manufacturing process of milk powder, that is, oil products made up of emulsification, sterilization and spray drying. Of course, powder oil can also be produced by freeze-drying, microencapsulation and other processes. Powder oil is sometimes called “powdered shortening”, but in fact, its manufacturing process and equipment are completely different from the traditional shortening.

The main uses of powdered fat include: concentrated soup such as chicken essence and soup powder; cold food such as ice cream powder; solid drinks such as cereal, milk tea, coconut powder, walnut powder, soybean milk powder; flavoring agent and whitening agent of coffee; milk replacer, etc. The powder oils for different uses have different fat contents. The powder oils for thick soup and ice cream powder have more than 50% oil content, while milk replacer powder contains less than 20% oil. The fat content of other products is in between.

As a component of milk tea powder oil, its oil is generally hydrogenated soybean oil. This hydrogenated soybean oil has milk flavor and taste, but it contains a certain amount of trans fatty acids. Of course, in order to reduce the formulation cost or avoid the risk of trans fatty acids, some milk tea manufacturers choose powdered oil without hydrogenated soybean oil, which will affect the flavor of milk tea. Therefore, it is a new direction of product development to search for new oil varieties to replace hydrogenated soybean oil, which not only has milk flavor of hydrogenated soybean oil, but also contains less trans fatty acids.

Powder oil is a new kind of oil product. Like ordinary oil, it can provide energy, improve the flavor and taste of food, and prevent aging. The difference is that it also solves the traditional grease storage, packaging, transportation and use of many inconvenience and easy to cause containers and processing machinery cleaning difficulties and other defects. The appearance of powdered oil provides food industry with convenient, nutritious and functional raw materials with high nutritional value.

In fact, there is a certain difference between the two media. It can be seen from the definition that vegetable fat powder is in fact a large category of powder oil products, that is, the oil used is limited to edible vegetable oil (including edible hydrogenated vegetable oil). Generally speaking, vegetable fat powder is “Powdered vegetable oil”. The powdered lard, powdered butter, powdered fish oil and other powdered oil products are obviously not suitable to be called vegetable fat powder.