Why is milk tea made with fresh milk not as good as fat powder

Milk tea = black tea + milk!

But What kind of “milk” do you drink? Milk tea, as the name implies, is the product of the combination of milk and tea. Nowadays, most of the milk tea sold on the market is made of vegetable fat powder, black tea and fructose, which tastes very smooth. On the contrary, I try to make milk tea with fresh milk at home, Why is the milk tea made with fresh milk not as good as the fat powder?


The ingredients of fresh milk and vegetable fat powder are quite different

The main reason for the difference of taste between vegetable fat powder and milk is the difference in composition between vegetable fat powder and milk. Generally, every 100g milk contains about 87.5% water, 3.5-4.2% fat and 2.8-3.4% protein;

Compared with the protein in milk, sodium caseinate has higher purity and better taste. According to different brands and models of vegetable fat powder, the protein content of sodium caseinate is between 2-4%, and some are higher. Compared with milk, the fat content of fat powder is higher, about 30%, and the fat content of vegetable fat powder is nearly 10 times higher than that of milk.


Does milk tea have more calories than milk?

From the above analysis, it can be found that the amount of fat powder used for making milk tea is about 30-40g, that is, the fat content in a cup of milk tea is only 12g at most. Although the fat content of milk is low, the highest fat content will be more than 10g when drinking 250ml milk. Therefore, the same cup of milk tea calories may not really be higher than the milk oh.


Adding vegetable fat powder is smoother than fresh milk drink

From the taste point of view, the higher the protein, the better the smoothness of the drink, the heavier the milk flavor, and the higher the fat content, the higher the saturation of the beverage, which is what we often call mellow.

Part of the reason why we feel that the vegetable fat powder is smoother than the milk beverage is that the fat particles become very uniform and small during the processing of the vegetable fat powder. Compared with the oil and protein in the milk, it is easier to dissolve in water and distribute evenly in the beverage.


High temperature limits the taste of fresh milk

In addition, milk should not be boiled at high temperature, which will also limit the taste. Milk contains rich amino acids. Under high temperature, the amino acids in milk and sugar form fructose amino acids, which will not only not be digested and absorbed by the human body, but also affect human health. Therefore, the mixing temperature of milk should not be too high. When heated to 100 ℃, the color, flavor and nutritional value of milk will be reduced The value is also greatly reduced.


How to improve the taste of fresh milk tea?

In addition to fresh milk, add cream, condensed milk, light milk, butter or increase the amount of milk.

You can also try Mongolian milk practice, using fresh milk and butter at the same time, to make milk tea taste better full effect.