Lujiaoxiang milk tea teaches you how to distinguish the good from the bad

For consumers who like to drink milk tea, vegetable fat powder is no stranger to this substance. After all, one of the raw materials for making milk tea is vegetable fat powder. It is a new product with refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as main raw materials. The main components of this substance are hydrogenated vegetable oil and sodium caseinate. Some manufacturers also replace sodium caseinate with milk powder or whey powder. The use of vegetable fat powder is very wide, but there is a difference between good and bad, which is that the operator has a certain ability to distinguish. Lujiaoxiang milk tea headquarters has published the corresponding method to distinguish the quality of vegetable powder from milk flavor, purity and thickness. Only when these three points are met can we use it safely.

Milk flavour: the good smell of the milk from the fat at the end of the fat is from the fat and protein, not by the artificial addition. After all, the flavor added to the human flavour is not very different from the beginning, but it is very natural and mellow in the tail and throat of the mouth. The operator should understand a truth, if the vegetable fat powder of inferior product is mixed with tea, the taste of milk tea produced is more obvious, and it is difficult for consumers to taste its delicious.

Purity: operators can dip in a small amount of vegetable fat powder after getting a portion of vegetable fat powder. If you feel its softness and tenderness, without any peculiar smell and miscellaneous taste, it means that the quality of this kind of vegetable fat powder is very poor, and the effective ingredients contained in it are extremely low.

Compactness: we should understand that the purity of vegetable fat powder is determined by protein content and oil variety. If it is a good vegetable fat powder, you can feel a natural rich fat taste in the oral part after tasting it.

There are many differences in the quality of vegetable fat powder, but the reference to the three methods published by lujiaoxiang milk tea can effectively help operators choose high-quality vegetable powder. At present, there are many kinds of vegetable fat powder in China, but Sanhua, Jinghua and other brands are the best. Investors who join in lujiaoxiang milk tea don’t need to worry about this problem. The headquarters will provide high-quality vegetable powder without investors looking for it themselves, which also reduces the burden of investors.