Here are 4 ways to tell if a vegetable is good or bad

When it comes to the end of vegetable fat, people may be worried. Even more people think that it is unscrupulous for businesses to reduce costs by using harmful additives instead of milk. However, many people do not know that there are also advantages and disadvantages of vegetable fat powder. Learning to distinguish the quality of vegetable fat powder can not only ensure health, but also keep the taste of milk tea.

There are two types of creamers: solid and liquid

solid creamer:¬†Also known as “vegetable fat powder”, it is often sold in larger cans, and is also found in small bags.

liquid cream:¬†They are usually packed in small serving boxes, sometimes referred to as “Cream Ball”, “fat milk”, “coffee companion”, etc.

four methods to distinguish the quality of fat powder

the best color is white

To distinguish the quality of vegetable fat powder, first of all, from the color to see how good the fat powder. Generally speaking, the vegetable fat powder to clean white is better, can have a little yellowing, but not too serious, otherwise affect the color of milk tea. And high quality vegetable fat powder added to milk tea has whiteness, making the liquid look whiter.

no pungent smell was found in high-quality fat powder

It’s easy to distinguish by smell. High quality fat powder should not smell pungent. The quality and flavor of the high quality vegetable fat is caused by oils and proteins, rather than by artificial flavors, and the smell is not obvious at the entrance.

the taste is smooth and thick

Moreover, it should be distinguished from the taste. When the vegetable fat powder is boiled with purified water, and no other things are added for drinking, the taste is smooth and smooth without miscellaneous and powdery flavor, and the one with natural thick grease flavor is high-quality vegetable fat powder, otherwise it is low-quality vegetable fat powder. This is the most important point to distinguish the quality of vegetable fat powder. Even if the physical and chemical indexes are good, it can not make a good milk tea. So the taste is the final key, and other items can be qualified.

high purity, good solubility and strong stability

In addition, the higher the speed of dissolving in water, the better the quality. High quality vegetable fat powder does not separate after being dissolved in water, oil and precipitation. If milk separation occurs, it means that there are few effective components in vegetable fat powder and the quality is very poor.

If “vegetable fat powder” and “creamer” appear in the ingredient list of a certain product, and the trans fat content is not marked as “0”, then it almost 100% uses “bad” creamers with hydrogenated soybean oil as the main ingredients. In order to ensure health, this kind of food is best not to eat in large quantities.

If there is “vegetable fat powder”, “cream” and trans fat content is “0”, this does not mean that there is no trans fat in the product, but it at least indicates that the business is likely to use coconut oil or other fat as the main component of vegetable fat. Don’t worry too much about food like this.