How about non-dairy coffee?

Because of the busy pace of life, modern people cannot do without coffee. As a daily drink for office workers, coffee can be refreshing. For everyone, a cup of fragrant coffee every day is really a wonderful enjoyment. Therefore, people are always looking for cheap and good-quality instant coffee. Among them, non-dairy creamer coffee is their common choice. So, how about non-dairy coffee? You can get the corresponding answers below.

As a modern food, non-dairy creamer is formed by hydrogenation of vegetable oil and contains hydrogenated vegetable oil, emulsifier, anticaking agent and sodium caseinate. From the point of view of the composition ratio of non-dairy creamer, the content of hydrogenated vegetable oil should not be too high, even as little as possible.

Since hydrogenated vegetable oils contain trans fatty acids, many products added with non-dairy creamer require the content of hydrogenated vegetable oil in non-dairy creamer to be as low as possible. Therefore, the non-dairy creamer coffee made from non-dairy creamer is the same.

Non-dairy creamer coffee contains less hydrogenated vegetable oil, and the actual content of trans fatty acids is also low. Drinking in moderation is good for health and refreshing. Not to mention, coffee with non-dairy creamer has a more mellow and rich taste , Is the type of coffee that everyone likes.

In summary, what about non-dairy creamer coffee? Judging from the taste and composition of the product, non-dairy creamer coffee can meet consumers’ pursuits as long as the production process is passed, and it is a popular and delicious drink in the market. If you want to taste delicious espresso, welcome to choose creamer coffee!