How to choose the raw material brand of non-dairy creamer?

Non-dairy creamer raw materials are widely used in the catering market and are often used as raw materials for milk tea. In order to make delicious non-dairy creamer milk tea, milk tea shop operators often compare many milk tea raw material brands and cooperate with reliable raw material suppliers and wholesalers to purchase cheap and good-quality non-dairy creamer raw materials. As for how to choose the raw material brand of non-dairy creamer? You can get the corresponding answers below.

Properties of non-dairy creamer

Hydrogenated vegetable oil, as the main raw material of non-dairy creamer, is made from vegetable oil through a hydrogenation process. It is semi-solid at room temperature, which can meet the requirements of process and taste. The shortening effect of liquid vegetable oil is not good, but by adding hydrogen to unsaturated bonds, the hydrogenation process increases the melting point of the oil, thereby improving food processing performance.

In addition, the chemical properties of hydrogenated vegetable oil are relatively stable, can extend the shelf life, and are lower in cost than animal fats such as natural butter, so it is widely used in the food industry.

Non-dairy creamer label

According to the ingredient list, the main raw material of non-dairy creamer is hydrogenated vegetable oil, which is a kind of hydrogenated fat. The commonly used hydrogenated fats in the food industry are mostly hydrogenated vegetable oils. The common expression forms of hydrogenated fats in the label ingredient list include hydrogenated vegetable oil, partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, hydrogenated palm oil, hydrogenated soybean oil, vegetable shortening, and margarine.

Although non-dairy creamer is a compound ingredient, it is still required to indicate all ingredients. From the chemical definition, compound ingredients (such as compound stabilizers) refer to ingredients that have no processing technology, and production does not require a production license. The production of non-dairy creamer is based on refined oil as the main raw material, and is processed by melting, mixing, emulsifying, spray drying, cooling, and packaging. It is a product with processing technology, and a production license is required for production. All ingredients need to be marked.

Choice of non-dairy creamer

However, some manufacturers of non-dairy creamer do not label all the ingredients in order not to disclose the formula, or label them vaguely. This behavior does not meet the requirements of relevant departments. Of course, even if the manufacturer retains the unlabeled ingredients, it still needs to ensure food safety requirements, accept the qualification review of the relevant departments and the raw material suppliers and the quality verification of the raw materials.

Since the production ingredients of non-dairy creamer raw materials are not easy to verify, many milk tea raw material wholesalers are more willing to choose reliable large brands. The milk tea raw materials supplied by the BODUO brand under Boduo International are a good example of meeting food labeling requirements. It indicates all the ingredients and nutritional information, so that consumers can buy with confidence. How to choose the raw material brand of non-dairy creamer? In short, it was a very wise decision to choose Boduo International with clear ingredients and affordable prices. Boduo International welcomes everyone to come to consult and cooperate!