How to choose the right non-dairy creamer?

Non-dairy creamer is the most popular product in the food ingredient industry. It has good miscibility and is widely used in the food processing industry. The uses of non-dairy creamer are very wide, and many catering practitioners cannot do without non-dairy creamer. So, for everyone in need, how to choose the right non-dairy creamer?

How to choose the right non-dairy creamer? Due to its good miscibility, non-dairy creamer is usually used in products such as milk tea, instant coffee, oatmeal, ice cream, milk-containing beverages, and milk powder. The most common use of non-dairy creamer in the food industry is to replace milk and milk powder to make milk tea.

Such usage can allow operators of milk tea shops to reduce the consumption of milk or milk powder, improve the taste of milk tea, save costs, and expand profit margins. Of course, non-dairy creamer can also be used on egg yolk pies, cakes, and biscuits, instead of part of butter and margarine, to enhance the crispness, make the structure fine, keep moist, and improve elasticity.

Therefore, for different uses of non-dairy creamer, the type and amount of non-dairy creamer selected are different. For example, non-dairy creamer for coffee, non-dairy creamer for milk tea, non-dairy creamer for juice, and non-dairy creamer for milk caps are common choices in milk tea shops. These non-dairy creamers are used as the raw material of milk tea, which is acid-resistant and does not stratify, so that every cup of milk tea is full of value, rich in milk flavor and smooth taste.

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