How to distinguish ABCT from non-dairy creamer?

1. Quality standard: the highest, with ISO9001 / 22000, HACCP, halal / Jewish certification (most of them have no one)
2. natural environmental protection: no chemical flavors / pigments and other additives (almost all added flavor) are added.
3. flavor: the best balance is collocation with tea.
4. Safety and health: Zero trans fat (almost all)
5. Protein 4%, rich in calcium (generally only 2%)

Vegetable fat powder products are still very thin and welcome in the market. Basically, the application of vegetable fat powder products is very wide, and the prospect is very bright. With the advent of zero trans fatty acid products, the industry will usher in a new peak. It can be seen that the industry has a good prospect, full of opportunities and is worthy of trust.