How to distinguish the quality of non-dairy creamer

When it comes to non-dairy creamer, everyone may worry about health issues. It is even believed that harmful ingredients have been added to the creamer to replace milk. In fact, you don’t have to worry too much. As long as you learn to distinguish the quality of non-dairy creamer, you can not only ensure that the ingredients of milk tea are healthy, but also enjoy a wonderful milk tea experience.

How to distinguish the quality of non-dairy creamer

1. Color: white color is better

To distinguish the quality of non-dairy creamer, first start with the color and see how well the non-dairy creamer is. Generally speaking, pure white is better for non-dairy creamer, which can have a slight yellowing, but it should not be too serious, otherwise it will affect the color of milk tea. And high-quality non-dairy creamer added to milk tea has whitening properties, making the liquid look whiter.

2. Odor: high-quality non-dairy creamer without pungent odor

Simply distinguish it from smell. The high-quality non-dairy creamer should not smell pungent. The milk flavor and aroma of high-quality non-dairy creamer are brought by oil and protein, not artificially added flavors, and the flavor is not obvious when you eat.

3. Taste: smooth and heavy

Furthermore, it should be distinguished from the taste. Use purified water to dissolve the non-dairy creamer and try it without adding other things. It tastes smooth and has no off-flavor, powdery taste, and has a natural and thick oil flavor. This is the most important point in distinguishing the quality of non-dairy creamer, because a non-dairy creamer with a bad taste, no matter how good the physical and chemical indicators, can not make a good milk tea, so the taste is the final key, and other items are qualified. can.

4. Solubility: dissolves quickly in water

The good solubility of high-quality non-dairy creamer often means high purity, strong stability, and it dissolves quickly in water. The quality of such non-dairy creamer is often better. The high-quality non-dairy creamer does not separate after dissolving in water, does not slick, and does not precipitate. If milk-water separation occurs, it means that there are few active ingredients in the non-dairy creamer and the quality is poor.

In summary, how to distinguish the quality of non-dairy creamer, I believe everyone has already understood. According to the nature and efficacy of non-dairy creamer, choose suitable non-dairy creamer raw materials to make delicious non-dairy creamer milk tea. Everyone who is interested in wholesale of non-dairy creamer raw materials, welcome to leave contact information on this site, and Boduo International will contact you further!