How to find a good milk tea plant fat powder?

Vegetable fat powder, also known as milk essence, is a new product with refined vegetable oil, hydrogenated vegetable oil and casein as the main raw materials. It plays a special role in the production and processing of tea. It is also a kind of modern food. Adding vegetable fat powder to tea can effectively improve the taste of tea, so every brand will use it. How to find a good milk tea plant fat powder? This has become the key to the booming business of milk tea shops. With good raw materials of vegetable fat powder and making good milk tea, there will be a good business.

Of course, not all the raw materials of vegetable fat powder can make a good milk tea. Therefore, in the process of making milk tea, milk tea shops often choose the milk tea raw material brands they trust, such as Boduo brand of Boduo international, which is a good example. According to the use suggestions of the brand side and the formula of milk tea, it can produce good milk tea that consumers are satisfied with. Therefore, how to find a good milk tea fat powder? From the following point of view, to find the right brand of vegetable fat powder.

1. Oil content

It is not that the higher the concentration, the better, but the right amount. It is the most necessary to make a good cup of milk tea. Usually its concentration is about 30%.

2. Actual taste

Because there are different quality milk tea franchise stores, the actual taste difference of their raw materials is very obvious. The high-quality plant fat powder sends out a more concentrated and mellow milk flavor, while the poor quality vegetable fat powder often has obvious acid flavor.

3. Actual purity

High quality vegetable fat powder brings a tender and smooth feeling, and there is no obvious separation of milk products and water. However, the poor quality of fat powder is not.

Therefore, how to find a good milk tea fat powder? Through the above several ways, we can basically distinguish the pros and cons of the vegetable fat powder products, find the suitable vegetable fat powder products, and make a satisfactory milk tea drink. In a word, reliable and reliable Boduo International provides a lot of milk tea raw materials with good quality and low price. We welcome the majority of milk tea raw material wholesalers to consult and purchase!